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Enthiran Review from dubai

Initial rhetoric of usual Rajini introduction scene is not there, instead he is introduced in the opening scene as Dr.Vaseegaran who finds to enthuse a Robotic object into human, he creates this robot with all that a man can do and cannot do. He finally succeeds after 10 years of research, but he fails in the test by experts as it cannot have any feelings of love, compassion, attachment or obeying attitudes. He re-implants all this and gets interrupted by Danny who is jealous. Rest you have have to see in theatre and i am not going to tell you the story to remove your interest.


* Shankar has used technology and special effects to the core.
* Aish looking great, acted well, she looks old in some scenes.
* Rajini is just GREAT GREAT GREAT
* He takes more |Avatars, say more than 1000 and Dasavatharam is a mustard here.
* I think none other than Rajini can mantle this role and none would fit into this role.
* Excellent camera and fighting scenes, superb train stunt by chitti
* Music is good and background music is pressed to take the scenes to the new heights.
* Dont miss to take your children, 4-14, they will enjoy more than you.
* chitti (rajini villain)’s actions are superb,
* A repeat watch may be recommended.
* Songs picturisation just superb
* computer, graphics, tehno – all class
* Razor edge dialogues by sujatha – just great
* Karunas, Santhanam – a waste in the film, they have less role to play.

At last the wait is getting over in most part of the world. The most anticipated Indian film of the decade ‘Endhiran’ has released world wide. (How ever Indian fans of Rajinikanth may have to wait till the early hours of Friday).
In Dubai the first show of ‘Endhiran’ started at 7.30am this morning and the fans who managed to see the world’s very first show of ‘Endhiran’ came out ecstatic.
After the first show, the unanimous decision of the fans was ‘there’s going to be no another film as spectacular as ‘Endhiran’ in the near future’.
One fan from Dubai who had seen the film today said ‘it may not be possible for anybody from India to make such a brilliantly made hi-tech commercial film ever again’.
The graphic sequences have mesmerized the viewers. The special effects in the film are so life like that one fan challenged to run a contest to identify the graphics sequences with a million dollar prize money.
One fan more emphatically said “I will not say that ‘Endhiran is influenced by any Hollywood film. ‘Endhiran’ is an original international Indian film’.

The film is running for 165 minutes and the fans felt not a single minute lag. The final 90 minutes are super sonic every one felt.
The songs also have repeat value with breath taking visuals. Particularly ‘Kilimanjaro’ song is a visual treat most fans said. One said it’s worth seeing the film for the second time for its songs alone.
When coming to the man of the moment, the ultimate Tamil Super star Rajinikanth, the fans loved him on screen performing the dual roles.
They even say Rajini has given an award winning performance In ’Endhiran’. Thalaivar’s performance is so natural they felt and he looks more handsome than ever. With no punch dialogues the super star is so natural and in his natural elements. Much like the ever lovable classic Rajini.
As expected fans confirm Aishwarya Rai makes a perfect pair to Rajinikanth and the jodi rocks on screen.
The whole world wearing festive looks for ‘Endhiran’. It just can’t get bigger than this.

Verdict: ‘Endhiran’ is a super hit first International Indian Film.

Endhiran/Robot is a graphic-rich movie and its EFX can be experienced only in theatres.