Prabhu Deva’s Wife Filed A Petition In Court: “


Prabhu Deva recently announced his marriage with Nayanthara apparently inspired by Prakash Raj and Pony Verma. Ramlath will seek the court in the matter as she has filed a petition to ask the courts to get Prabhu Deva back to her.

She further states that Nayanthara is obsessive. Prabhu Deva, on the other hand, does not let Nayanthara out of her house without his permission. He is staying in Nayanthara’s house.

Ramlath also claims that she was not compensated to lose her husband for a sum of Rs. 3 crore and jewelry to the tune of Rs. 85 lakhs as reported by some dailies and Magazines.

Ramlath has denied that no such compensation had taken place and she also accused Nayanthara for spreading such false information about her.