Delightful – Coffee, Tea or Me?: “

Here I’m back with something special for you. A few days back while I was sipping a cup of coffee the kitten in my house jumped on me only to spill the entire contents on my new outfit. It was only after a few moments my anger vanished when I saw the cute kitten sitting on the saucer. That led to my collection of these cute pics which I fondly share with you for your fun. Well! Beware when you touch a cup, your loved one might just pop up. Have a nice day!!!!

Mouse Peeping Out of Tea Cup

Image Source: Flickr

Cute Hamsters in Coffee Cups

Image Source: Flickr

Kitten in a Tea Cup

Image Source: Super Cute Kittens

Bunny in a Tea Cup

Image Source: Alpine Heidi

Kitten Peeping out of a Coffee Mug

Image Source: Yarnporn

Cute Animal In The Bowl

Image Source: Psebeckis

Puppy in the Tea Cup & Saucer

Image Source: ODT

Cute Kitten Sleeping in the Cup

Image Source: Flickr

Black Kitten inside the Kettle

Image Source: Cats do

White Mouse Eating Cheese

Image Source: North By Northwestern

Dog in the McDonald's Cup

Image Source: Cute Animalz

Cute Puppy In Green Cup

Image Source: [Source Unknown]

White Rabbit in the Cup

Image Source: Vukas

Cute Puppy Peeping Out of Cup

Image Source: Funny Puppy Site

Cute Black Kitten In the Cup

Image Source: Kitten Pictures

Rabbit Sitting on the Tea Cup

Image Source: Mad1nator