Free Nature Wallpapers: “Free Nature Wallpapers

We wanted to create a list of nature based desktop wallpapers that would inspire. We have composed a selection of environmental inspired desktop wallpapers. Some are relaxing, others have stunning colour schemes, the one thing they all have in common is that they are all incredible examples of the amazing world around us.

We will be adding to this list as we find more amazing naturally inspired desktop wallpapers.


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.Rain Cloud (1024×768)

Rain Desktop Wallpaper

Fruit Tree (1024×768)

Tree Desktop

Plum Blossoming (1024×768)

Blossom Wallpaper Download

Zen Attitude (800×600)

Zen Desktop Wallpaper Free Download

Buzzards Roost (800×600) (1024×768)

Japan Rock Wallpaper Download

Waterfall (2000×1333)

Waterfall Desktop Wallpaper Download

Hilltop Mountain Skys (1280×800) (1440×900) (1680×1050)

Mountain Desktop Wallpaper Web 2.0

Leaf Dip (2000×1333)

Balloons Over Hills (1280×800)

Balloon Wallpaper

Lake In The Highlands (800×600) (1024×768) (1280×1024)

Highlands Wallpaper

Twilight Lines (1024×768)

Twilight Wallpaper

Morning Light (800×600) (1024×768) (1152×864) (1280×1024)

Morning Light Wallpaper

Mountain Walls (1024×768)

Mountain Wallpaper

Fall Leaves (800×600) (1024×768) (1152×864) (1280×1024) (1920×1200)

Ursule Falls Wallpaper

A Storm Is Coming (800×600) (1024×768)

Storm Wallpaper Download

Rocks On The Beach (1024×768)

Rocks on the Beach Wallpaper

August – Month Of Life (1680×1050)

August Wallpaper

Flower In The Morning Sun (1024×768)

Flower Wallpaper Free Download

Magic Tree (1024×768) (1280×1024)

Tree Green Wallpaper Free Download